Community Emergency Response Teams are an example of?

Possible Answers:

  1. Local coordinating structures
  2. Federal coordinating structures
  3. State coordinating structures
  4. Regional coordinating structures

The Correct Answer:

A. Community Emergency Response Teams are an example of local coordinating structures.


The community emergency response team is responsible for volunteering by educating the people to prepare for disasters. The team also helps by training the individuals on how to protect themselves in a primary disaster situation like light search, fire safety, etc. The other main components of the team are to operate in the disaster medical operations and maintain the team organization. 

This team offers nationwide volunteer training to professionals that may focus on a much more complex task. The primary materials that are used for these training are participant manuals, Hazard annex slide decks, Instructor guides, etc.

Several exercises and drills are also part of this training and provide an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to engage as a volunteer and enhance their skills to perform rescue missions. 

The exercises are mainly developed according to the principles and national guidance that the federal evaluation programs have outlined.  Such types of teams are examples of local coordinating structures. 

These programs are highly included in the campuses to encourage the youth to participate in such activities. Workplace CERT and Teen CERT programs are also the main factors through which the people are trained.

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