Which of the following is not a horizontal bracing system?

Possible Answers:

  1. Diaphragm
  2. Shear wall
  3. Moment-resistant
  4. Braced frame

The Correct Answer:

A. The diaphragm is not a horizontal bracing system.


When engineers and architects start designing buildings, they must ensure they are resistant to earthquakes.

The horizontal force is also known as a base share. This force is created by the motion of the ground, which helps protect the building from an earthquake. This building should be capable of handling lateral and vertical forces to reduce the impact of an earthquake.

The diaphragms are one of those horizontal forces. Diaphragms can be defined as a situation where a building roof and floor system can distribute the lateral forces of an earthquake.

Supposedly lateral and gravitational forces transfer them to sorted vertical structural elements like moment resistance frames, braced frames, and shear walls. They handle lateral forces, which are known as horizontal bracing systems.

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