Which of the following activities may be considered mitigation?

Possible Answers:

  1. Risk
  2. Hazard
  3. Impact
  4. Cost

The Correct Answer:

B. Hazard activities may be considered mitigation.


Mitigation can be defined as a set of actions responsible for providing permanent improvements in saving lives and reducing the risk of injury during an earthquake. Natural disasters are a widespread occurrence in the environment all around the world.

The government must build specific codes and enhance public awareness to protect people’s lives. Environmental hazards have a high capacity to cause mitigation. If a building or a community adopts the mitigation standard, it will perform better during environmental hazards.

Mitigation plays a critical role while building certain high occupancy buildings,  like an auditorium, schools, hospitals, offices, and hotels.

The communities should adopt the zoning ordinance and implement an effective mitigation process to support the community.

An effective mitigation plan should consider transportation, communication, oil, natural gas, water, sewage, and electric power systems.

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The ideal characteristics for building materials in seismically active areas are ductility and stiffness.

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