Scientists use _______ waves to find an earthquake’s epicenter.

Possible Answers:

  1. P wave
  2. S wave
  3. Both P and S wave

The Correct Answer:

C. Scientists use P and S waves to find an earthquake’s epicenter.


An earthquake is caused by the intensity of seismic waves, which can travel deep into the earth’s surface.

This divides waves into two main categories, surface waves, which only travel to the surface, and body waves, which move deeper into the earth’s surface.

Scientists uses body waves to determine the epicenter of the earthquake. The body wave types are S-waves and P-waves.

They also develop sound waves. The P wave is the primary wave, the fastest to move outward. The impact of this wave is like a sharp punch on the building.

The S-wave is also known as a secondary wave, which moves very slowly through the earth’s surface. It does not travel through the liquid but can produce up-and-down motion like side-to-side and rolling wave motion.

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