Which resource management task enables resource coordination throughout the incident?

Possible Answers:

  1. Reimburse and Restock
  2. Order and Acquire
  3. Demobilize
  4. Track and Report

The Correct Answer:

D. Track and Report resource management task enables resource coordination throughout the incident.


Compatibility and the interoperability of the resources can be enhanced by providing and following a coordinated plan. The inventory resources, storing, and the facilitation of the resources should be tracked accurately, with the status and its availability.

Tracking and reporting resources play a vital role in collecting, processing, and updating the data. It also helps in easy access of the resources to every individual in the incident area. The importance of track and report process is listed below:

  • Tracking the resource location.
  • Helping the staff in preparing as well as receiving the resources
  • Helping the staff in using the resources
  • It helps in protecting the security and safety of the equipment, facilities, teams, and professionals.
  • Enables movement and coordination of the resources.


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