Which NIMS structure develops, recommends, and executes public information plans and strategies?

Possible Answers:

  1. MAC Groups
  2. Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  3. Incident Command System
  4. Joint Information System (JIS)

The Correct Answer:

D. A Joint Information System (JIS) is a NIMS structure that develops, recommends, and executes public information plans and strategies.


The national incident management system is responsible for enabling the incident managers to coordinate and manage the incident response consistently. A joint information system is among the four NIMS structures. This is the final coordination and command element, which ensures that accurate information is being transferred to the public. It is also responsible for coordinating the public messaging among the other three NIMS structures, namely MAC groups, ICS, and EOC.

A joint information system integrates the incident information and the public affairs into an organization responsible for providing coordinated, accessible, accurate, timely, complete, and consistent information to the stakeholders and the public during the incident operation.


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