The MAC Group does not replace the primary functions of EOCs or other dispatch organizations?

Possible Answers:

  1. True
  2. False

The Correct Answer:

A. The MAC Group does not replace the primary functions of EOCs or other dispatch organizations


The MAC group stands for multi-agency coordination group. Sometimes it is also known as a policy group. Because its members belong from agency executives, designees, or administrators who are responsible for acting as a policy-level body by enabling decision-making among all these members; specifically, those belonging to the stakeholder organization or agencies that are impacted by the resources data being used during the incident. 

Nongovernmental organizations like volunteer organizations or businesses can also represent the multi-agency coordination group. This group is a part of the national incident management system off-site structure. The primary function of this group are listed down below:

  • Supporting the prioritization and allocation of resources.
  • Making a corporative decision because multiple agencies are included in this group.
  •  Enabling the decision among the appointed or elected individuals. The incident commander is generally responsible for incident management.
  • This group is not responsible for replacing the EOC’s primary function, dispatch organizations, coordination, or other operations.


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