EOCs receive senior level guidance from

Possible Answers:

  1. MAC Groups
  2. Incident Command System
  3. Joint Information Center
  4. Joint Information System (JIS)

The Correct Answer:

1. EOCs receive senior-level guidance from MAC Groups.


The EOC stands for emergency operation centers, which play a vital role in managing small and large incidents. Multiagency coordination is facilitated through EOCs, which ensures that the emergency mechanisms are interconnected and complementary. Managing resources improves interoperability across multiple components and makes responses increasingly efficient and productive. This operating system can support a single discipline/sector but can also function across multiple jurisdictions if required. But diversity in various jurisdictions can cause challenges.  The primary function of EOC are listed down below:

  • Collect critical information, analyze it, and share it with the further team.
  • Supporting the request and needs of resources; may also include tracking and allocating the resources.
  • Coordinating the plans
  • Determining the needs of resources in the future and the present scenarios
  • In rare cases, they provide policy direction and coordination within the team.

The incident managers generally manage the incident in a very consistent way. When any hazardous incident occurs, the ICS (incident command system) is used to manage the response. Still, if the hazard is very complex and large, the off-site emergency operation center is activated to support the region.

The MAC groups or multiagency coordination groups provide policy guidance to EOCs. Multiple agency coordination is a group of executives or administrators who are authorized to commit the resources and funds of an agency. In case of multiple incidents, MAC groups and EOCs work collectively and provide the resources.

The MAC group is also known as policy group; this group has a representative who belongs to a non-governmental organization like a volunteer organization or business organization. The function of MAC groups are listed down below:

  • The coordination group is responsible for acting as a policy-level body.
  • It is responsible for supporting the prioritization and allocation of resources.
  • Responsible for enabling the decision making process among the appointed and elected officials

The joint information system or JIS ensures the accurate and coordinated flow of information among the ECOs, MAC groups, and ICS.  The proper flow of information and coordinated work within this network results in successful service.


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