The success of good site operations and the ability of employees to respond during emergencies is:

Possible Answers:

  1. Annual inspections of the site
  2. Good site planning
  3. Well-rehearsed response team
  4. Initial and annual refresher training

The Correct Answer:

D. The success of good site operations and the ability of employees to respond during emergencies is Initial and annual refresher training.


All the employees committed to fieldwork in an area exposed to hazardous substances must receive proper training before they are sent to their duties. These employees consist of the supervisors, manager, general laborers, equipment operators, and all the other employees responsible for handling the responsibilities in the exposed area. This is generally done for their safety and protects them from exposing themselves to hazardous substances while working.

These employees are also expected to receive an annual refresher training, apart from the initial training provided to them when joining the organization. People who have not received the training should not be allowed to participate in any field. The training depicts the information about their functioning and responsibilities in the hazardous area.

  • Emergency procedures
  • Safety use of the equipment and the engineering controls
  • Medical surveillance requirements, including the recognition and signs of the symptoms.
  • The practices due to which the risks and hazards can be minimized.
  • Using PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • The expected hazards and risky situations that may be present in the area.
  • Alternatives that will help them to ensure safety and health in the site.
  • The training records are also kept safely to be used in the future to maintain an update on training individuals and their performances in case of site emergencies.


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