Results of commodity flow surveys can be obtained from:

Possible Answers:

  1. LAPD
  2. SEMA
  3. FEMA
  4. LEPC

The Correct Answer:

C. Results of commodity flow surveys can be obtained from FEMA


FEMA stands for Federal emergency management agency. This management agency act as a central point of government that provides the emergency management activities in War and Peace. It is one of the three federal agencies responsible for protecting the citizens from the hazardous chemicals possessed by the transportation, disposal, and manufacturing industries.

The primary responsibilities of this management are to design, monitor, coordinate,  and deliver hazardous materials. This management system also initiated the proactive mitigation activities, managed the food insurance program and American fire administration,  and trained the responders. It also has around 10 regional offices in several States,  which directly work in coordination with the government on the mitigation programs,  meeting the requirements of resources,  and helping in planning for disasters.


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