One benefit of a sound community plan to deal with a hazardous materials emergency is:

Possible Answers:

  1. The need for assistance from other jurisdictions is eliminated
  2. Fewer resources are required to handle the incident
  3. Roles and responsibilities are defined
  4. The likelihood of an incident occurring is almost eliminated

The Correct Answer:

C. One benefit of a sound community plan to deal with a hazardous materials emergency is roles and responsibilities are defined.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency is responsible for planning and providing training for any hazardous materials Emergency Management. FEMA is responsible for encompassing the accident at disposable facilities, dangerous material transportation, storage, processing, and manufacturing. This agency is also responsible for providing the information related to the required resources and providing financial and technical assistance to the state to properly manage the accident and emergencies.

The planning process is done by the state emergency response commission, which is responsible for preparing adequate plans to respond to chemical emergencies. The sound community plan identifies the participants, analyzes the risks, and identifies the available resources, the areas of concern, and the unique population. By analyzing every specific factor in an incident or emergency area, they prepare a plan. The main benefit of this plan is that the roles and responsibilities of an individual authority/ concerned person are well defined. This plan undergoes several revisions to avoid any kind of miscommunication or mistakes.


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