A primary purpose of conducting hazardous materials exercise is to find out:

Possible Answers:

  1. Whether planned procedures work
  2. What Federal and State resources could be made available for such an incident
  3. Which responders should receive raises
  4. What type of incident is most likely to occur

The Correct Answer:

A. A primary purpose of conducting hazardous materials exercises is to find out whether planned procedures work.


The state emergency response Commission is responsible for deciding and making the plan. They will determine how many districts are needed to be included to respond to chemical emergencies in the specific area. The individuals are appointed by the commission to serve as members of LEPC  in every planning district.

These LEPC members are responsible for preparing the plan according to the understanding of past hazards in a specific area. These members are also responsible for listing all resources required in any chemical emergency in that area. After making a plan, the community should conduct the exercises to determine whether these practices can help prepare them or handle the roles.


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