Which of the following statements is true of active listening?

Possible Answers:

  1. It is a process where listeners unconsciously sense the sender’s signals and evaluate them
  2. It is essential in communication as it motivates and directs the speaker
  3. It works best when the evaluation of the message is formed immediately without postponing it
  4. It is made up of two components of sensing and evaluation

The Correct Answer:

B. It is essential in communication as it motivates and directs the speaker is true about active listening.


Active listening does not necessarily mean that you hear the words. There is no meaning in just hearing/listening to the comments if you do not understand them or paraphrasing them in your mind.

Active listening generally involves paraphrasing and empathy, where the audience gets involved by feeling, beliefs, and thinking about the issue.

Paraphrasing the speech is vital in providing appropriate feedback so that the speaker would work based on the input.

Paraphrasing also helps in clearing out misunderstandings as well as learning the key points that are being discussed. To improve the active listening skill, a person can use the following factors:

  • Decide to concentrate and listen actively.
  • Observe the tone of the speaker and the style of delivery
  • Pay attention to the facial expressions of the speaker
  • Using paraphrasing techniques, like summarising, using own words, and remaining neutral.
  • Listening without any kind of interruption
  • Providing feedback

Active listening is essential in communication because it motivates the audience and the feedback from the audience always inspires the speaker to be much better at the job. The speaker generally works on the low points so that they can connect with the audience much better.

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