Which of the following statements is true about effective communication?

Possible Answers:

  1. Advertising is an effective way of communication because marketers can tell consumers how to interpret their messages.
  2. Effective communication is unaffected by the reception environment.
  3. For effective communication, marketers must understand the meanings consumers attach to words and symbols and how these words and symbols are interpreted.
  4. Whether an ad is in black-and-white or in full color has no impact on how effectively the message is communicated.

The Correct Answer:

C. For effective communication, marketers must understand the meanings consumers attach to words and symbols, and how these words and symbols are interpreted is true of effective communication.


Effectively communicating with the audience is very important for disaster management professionals because they have to deal with disaster survivors, which is challenging. An effective communicator helps an individual to make a personal connection with the audience or survivor by using essential tools.

So it becomes much more important to be an effective communicator or to understand how it can automatically enhance the chances of being the best at the job. Communication is always a two-way process; it doesn’t only depend on the communicator but also on the audience to understand and paraphrase effectively.

Advertising is essential to deliver a message to the audience by using posters, videos, etc. Still, the advertisers have to be much more evident in their advertising methods to get a better understanding of the audience.

The audience will not have time to interpret the message, so the advertisement institute or the organization has to make it much clearer so that the audience doesn’t have to spend much more time thinking about the advertisement.

The environment influences the rate of understanding between the audience and the speaker. Colors have always been the highlight of advertisers because the right or the primary colors influence the chances of attracting the audience.

Black and white advertisement does not provide any kind of excitement to the audience. Still, the different colors or the choice of shades always enhances the curiosity level of the audience. The audience can connect with the advertisement when they understand or relate to the situation.

A very nonperson situation cannot make the audience involved in the ad. So for effective communication, marketers have to understand the demands of the consumers and deliver them in the form of words. The words used in the advertisement should be much more precise, so the audience can easily connect with them.

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