Which of the following is true regarding the audience?

Possible Answers:

  1. Words and examples must be chosen appropriately to address the audience
  2. An author should write for himself first; the audience is secondary
  3. If you don’t address your intended audience, there is still a good chance that your message will be conveyed successfully
  4. Consideration of the audience is less important than the message of an essay

The Correct Answer:

A. Words and examples must be chosen appropriately to address the audience is true regarding audience.


 Communication is critical, especially in the Emergency Management professional’s job. Sometimes it is very challenging to communicate with the target audience and make them understand the situation.

Disaster survivors mostly look for someone who can quickly help them or guide them to return to normal or be involved in problem-solving activities.

Using voice, body movement, eye contact, hand gestures, etc., is essential to engage with the audience. Asking yes or no type questions to all the audiences (not individually, until and unless they do not involve themselves) is also very important to engage them.

Whenever you ask questions, ensure that you give them appropriate time to think about the situation and deliver their answers.

The majority of the speeches, especially by the political leaders of the organization, are not written by themselves but are written by secretaries or writing professionals. It is because the organization’s head has a lot of work.

Sometimes they may be unable to research as much as possible, which is very important to deliver a very effective speech. So to be much more accurate about statistics, a different person writes the lessons.

Still, the audience is always the priority because they do not influence by the writing but by the statistics or an example.

Whenever a speaker does not address their audience, it means that the speaker is ineffective, and they are losing their chance to make the audience understand the issue.

If the audience cannot concentrate on the speech, they do not care about the message because they are not listening. So it is always better to understand the audience first and give them appropriate examples to expect their involvement in a presentation.

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