Which of the following is true regarding nonverbal communication?

Possible Answers:

  1. Firm handshake is expected in the United States
  2. In the United States and Great​ Britain, people usually touch more frequently than those in France and Costa Rica
  3. Communicators have no control over the nonverbal signals they send
  4. People usually​ don’t respond to others based on their physical appearance

The Correct Answer:

C. Communicators have no control over the nonverbal signals they send is true regarding nonverbal communication.


Making a personal relationship with your audience and using simple communication are both essential components of good communication. Reaching out to the group with simple communication tools equally plays a vital tool. Communication can occur verbally and non-verbally, so a speaker must know both aspects and work on them.

The body posture of an individual tells about someone’s physical nature, emotions, and views. Frequently nonverbal cues override or contradict the spoken clues, causing viewers to react automatically. You can even “read” your audience using nonverbal signals and get feedback about your effectiveness as a speaker.

It’s critical to understand one’s nonverbal and body language clues more if we wish to improve our communication skills. The audience can directly assume that the speaker is dishonest if their words and body movement is opposite. Therefore, communicators are powerless when they convey nonverbally.

However, controlling the ability to use nonverbal cues can more effectively make a long-lasting bond and connect with people/audience.

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