Which of the following is an accurate statement about listening?

Possible Answers:

  1. Hearing and listening are the same
  2. Listening is a natural, passive process
  3. Listening is the same regardless of the situation
  4. Listening can be improved

The Correct Answer:

D. Listening can be improved is the accurate statement about listening


Listening is one of the critical aspects of successful and meaningful communication. Listening does not mean just hearing the sound, but it actually means understanding and processing it. It can be termed a “voluntary activity,” which involves processing and interpreting the meaning of the sound. Sometimes, being physically present and just hearing the sound can be due to internal and external barriers. These barriers can be avoided by following a few factors. These factors are listed below:

  • Maintaining eye contact with the speaker.
  • Showing interest.
  • Listening to the central themes.
  • Considering the non-verbal behaviors of the speaker and the tone.
  • Keeping an open mind to make sure that you are attentive.

Being judgmental, distorting the message, and interpreting the speaker should always be avoided. Active listening consists of paraphrasing and empathy, which directly means that your listening has improved and you have actively attended to or participated in the conversation.


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