Strategies for engaging the audience include:

Possible Answers:

  1. Standing in a fixed position behind the podium
  2. Using natural gestures and positive facial expressions
  3. Stay calm by thinking about other things besides the topic
  4. Tamping down your passion for the subject matter might alienate listeners

The Correct Answer:

B. Strategies for engaging the audience include using natural gestures and positive facial expressions.


Speakers must connect with their audience during a presentation or speech. Most speakers believe that only verbal communication is the key to making your message clearer and more understandable to the audience. Still, they forget about nonverbal messages or gestures to improve the environment.

Few of those factors are listed down below:

  • Gestures
  • Body position
  • Movement
  • Expression
  • Voice
  • Eye contact

A natural gesture plays a vital role, for example, keeping the hands away from the face, etc. Continuously touching the face is a sign or an integration of nervousness and loss of confidence.

So try to avoid these kinds of gestures. The other gestures are raising your eyebrows, avoiding crossing your arms, or shrugging your shoulders.

The speakers should avoid sudden movements that can make the audience surprised. The speaker should always maintain eye contact with the audience and have limited facial expressions.

The speaker should have a smile on their face, but it shouldn’t look too awkward.

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