Identifying your audience will help you determine all of the following except:

Possible Answers:

  1. Appropriate tone
  2. Appropriate examples
  3. Appropriate word choice
  4. Appropriate length

The Correct Answer:

D. Identifying your audience will help you determine all of the following except appropriate length.


Communication play a vital role in all sectors. Identifying the audience and making the presentation or delivery of the message according to age, different cultural barriers, etc., is exceptionally critical to ensure the message is clear and understandable.

Several methods can be used to enhance the understandability:

  • Using plain and straightforward language
  • Using basic communication skills
  • Make sure that the speech is according to the education(literacy of peoples) and age-appropriate.
  • Creating a very user-friendly environment

Age and education are significant to analyze because the presentation of the children cannot be delivered to the adults or vice versa. A person supposed to give or deliver a speech must keep a few things in mind. These factors are listed  down below:

  • Talking about religious, cultural, and social groups.
  • Ethnic televisions and radio stations (especially in native languages)
  • Advocacy groups

Apart from the above-listed factors, it is essential to use the appropriate words or choose the right words that the audience can easily understand. Using fancy words to confuse the audience can only create misunderstandings and confusion, so it is essential to use a very natural and accessible tone.

Giving an example automatically enhances the chances of understanding among the audience, making it much more understandable and friendly to them.

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