Effective communication consists of __________:

Possible Answers:

  1. Verbal and nonverbal communication and active listening skills
  2. Verbal communication and stereotyping
  3. Nonverbal communication and minimal interruptions
  4. Verbal and nonverbal communication and speaking clearly and loudly

The Correct Answer:

A. Effective communication consists of “verbal and nonverbal communication and active listening skills.


Effective communication can be defined as better exchanging thoughts, opinions, data, knowledge, and ideas so that the receiver and sender are delighted.

All human beings communicate with each other but what makes a person unique is the practical communication skills that the audience understands.

Effective communication is when the receiver fully understands what is being said and delivered. Professionalism and effective communication are critical in the federal agency management system.

Communication is not only verbal communication. Nonverbal listening, writing, and visual communication enhance the understanding level. Effective communication consists of verbal and nonverbal communication.

The non-verbal communication examples are listed down below:

  • Eye contact with the audience
  • Maintaining proper body language and facial expressions
  • The spontaneous and natural gestures
  • Control over the body

The examples of verbal communication are listed down below:

  • The pitch, inflection, and tone
  • Rhythm and timing
  • Avoiding any kind of fillers
  • Projection and volume
  • Concise language
  • Enthusiasm
  • Clear speech
  • Using technology to engage with the audiences

Another essential aspect of effective communication is engagement. If the audience is not engaged, there is no effective communication.

They cannot understand what is being said or delivered. The audience’s open-ended questions are the most interactive sessions in a show. You should always give them time to respond.

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