Both informational and motivational presentations are based on well-researched, logical arguments

Possible Answers:

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

The Correct Answer:

True, Both informational and motivational presentations are based on well-researched, logical arguments.


Presentations are an essential part of effective communication. The informational messages follow particular criteria. The order is listed down below:

  • Introduction of the topic
  • Provides directions, explanations, or a description of the topic
  • Conclude the topic

Informational presentations provide specific knowledge to the audience by giving them an in-depth explanation. It also includes solid research and statistics so that the ideas can be presented in a very logical flow.

Motivational presentations are generally delivered in a very different manner compared to informational presentations. The primary approach to motivational presentations are listed down below:

  • Starting with an attention-getting introduction
  • Creating a situation that demands the awareness of people or the need of the present time from the audience.
  • Demonstrating the idea and the problems and trying to solve the issue. The solution must be visualized by the audience, which should be well researched and based on facts. It should appeal to the audience to think about the topic and develop better solutions or doubts.

Whenever a person gives a motivational presentation, they have to be familiar with the topic and should know about its importance among the listeners or audience.

If the audience feels that the issue is relatable, they will listen to it, and the speaker should also come up with several solutions which can highlight the benefits.

Let the people know about your idea, and you should also give them time to come up with a better solution or proposal.

The way of transmitting the information may vary, but motivational presentations also create awareness and change people’s attitudes.

The only difference is that it uses vivid, interesting language to communicate with people.

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