All of the following are referred to as noise except:

Possible Answers:

  1. Echo factor
  2. Mult box
  3. Microphone tree
  4. Satellite factor

The Correct Answer:

D. All of the following are referred to as noise except the Satellite factor.


It is essential to minimize the background noise when a speaker is giving a speech. Most of the time, these speeches occur in a very open environment where the chances of background noise are very high.

So the authorities need to take care of the noise and organize these speeches and all oral presentations in a very noise-free zone.

For example, the spaces near the highway or a place where sounds of airplanes, trains, or heavy machinery are very often must be eliminated.

Organizing a presentation in a very high noise environment can automatically distract the audience from concentrating on other things than the oral presentations, which will help them to get education/information.

Avoid the eco factor whenever the presentations are in a conserving environment or like an empty building room.

Try to avoid an empty room as much as possible. Having only one microphone in front of the speaker can also result in several other issues. For example, the voice cannot be audible.

Hence, using a sufficient number of speakers or microphones around the speaker is very important to clarify the message by providing clear audio.

Mult box is another critical piece of equipment to make the voice clearer and more understandable to the audience.

The satellite factor is not related to the noise until and unless there is any scientific study on the relation to satellites or the solar system.

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