FEMA IS-242.B: Effective Communication – Test Questions and Answers

The Emergency Management Institute, or FEMA, has provided several courses to enhance the general public’s hazardous management skills. FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Association.

It offers an opportunity for all people, especially students, to take online courses to simultaneously prevent problems related to managing schools, colleges, and FEMA courses.

Anyone interested in learning Emergency Management skills can download the course materials from their website. The association also provides an opportunity for students who want to be certified management professionals by holding a national exam. Any student can use the student ID to apply for the Final Test.

List of Common FEMA IS-242.B Questions:

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  1. Which of the following exemplifies a benefit of good communication?
  2. In most emergency situations, you will use __________ to communicate.
  3. To be an effective communicator, you must be able to listen accurately. Paraphrasing demonstrates that you are listening by:
  4. Passive communicators do all of the following except:
  5. Which of the following is an accurate statement about listening?
  6. __________ lets you know how your message is being received.
  7. Identifying your audience will help you determine all of the following except
  8. All of the following are referred to as noise except
  9. Strategies for engaging the audience include
  10. The most effective communicators speak at a rate of
  11. Active listening includes all of the following except:
  12. Which of the following is true regarding audience
  13. All of the following would be considered good strategies for listening for information except
  14. Which of the following statements is true of active listening?
  15. Effective examples for a speech may be all of the following except
  16. which of the following statements is true about effective communication?
  17. identify the statement that does not demonstrate active listening.
  18. why are persuasive messages more difficult to write than routine messages?
  19. effective communication consists of __________.
  20. speaking skills to work on for effective communication include __________.
  21. which of the following is true regarding nonverbal communication?
  22. which of the following is true regarding using an interpreter
  23. All of the following are tips for a great presentation except:
  24. Print media provide almost instantaneous messaging to those who have access
  25. Empathic listening is a part of active listening
  26. When trying to engage the audience during a presentation, direct questions that require a one- or two-word answer
  27. Both informational and motivational presentations are based on well-researched, logical arguments
  28. All of the following can help you communicate more effectively with a diverse community EXCEPT

What is the Objective of the Course?

The association also handles social media accounts to provide students with better training opportunities and information. They generally offer new courses (a new one is coming in September).

Individuals can visit their website and look at the course title to get more information. Clicking on the course will lead you to a second page that will provide you with a detailed overview of a particular course and links to download the course material.

The IS-242.B course is about effective communication. The course aims to improve communication skills, especially in an emergency. It will help the students identify community-specific communication issues using specific communication tools and technologies.

It also helps in making effective oral communication and presenting them in front of people. The length is about 8 hours and consists of a final exam, which will be held online.

How is the Exam Conducted?

Before you enter the exam, the website will take you to the Department of Homeland security page, which will provide you with detailed information about the US government information system.

This information generally includes instructions about the computer or the devices, the government network, storage media, etc.

The individual needs to go through all these legal notices so that they wouldn’t face any issues from the US government. The website will ask for consent, so ensure you have read all the terms and conditions related to your data and information privacy.

A student can quickly enter the test with the help of a student identification number and last name after agreeing to all the terms and conditions.


The Emergency Management system is America’s top agency that provides training, education, and exercises. The main aim of this program or course is to prepare the younger population or the country’s people for disasters and emergencies.

This kind of information or knowledge will minimize the impact of such hazards and help people be better prepared for any hazardous situation.

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