Which of the following would be an effective approach for encouraging authentic feedback?

Possible Answers:

  1. In the beginning, ask for feedback each time you see the person
  2. Ask for feedback only when you are open to hearing it
  3. Avoid distracting behaviors such as asking questions and taking notes
  4. Defend yourself if you disagree with the criticisms you receive

The Correct Answer:

B. Ask for feedback only when you are open to hearing it would be an effective approach for encouraging authentic feedback.


Leadership plays a vital role in the success of an organization or a task. An effective leader maintains proper communication among the team members and finds the practical solution to the issues that are happening among the team members.

Furthermore, an effective leader is also someone who always takes care of the team and asks them for feedback to encourage their participation.

It is also essential that a leader would ask about the feedback after taking into consideration a few of the points. These points are listed down below:

  • Whenever you ask for feedback, make sure you have made up your mind to hear.
  • Listen to others properly and make a note based on that, so you can remember it afterward.
  • Don’t be too defensive or try to explain yourself. Make sure you have made up your mind about hearing instead of talking to the members.
  • Whenever in doubt, make sure you have cleared out your confusion so that it wouldn’t be a problem afterward. Ask the follow-up questions to get specifics or details.
  • After the end of the meeting, thank everyone for being a part of the discussion.
  • When you are done with the meeting, ensure that you have all the notes prepared and go through them to understand. Try to find better strategies to enhance the outcomes’ results.

The leader has to remember that it is not necessary to consider every point. But it is essential to decide whether the strategy for feedback will benefit the organization or work according to its vision.

After the meeting, you can meet different people to expect better or different perspectives. These people or members will inform you about the different perspectives, which will help you to enhance your skills.

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