The first stage of the change process should be:

Possible Answers:

  1. Engaging people in the change
  2. Maintaining the change
  3. Defining and promoting the change
  4. Planning and implementing the change

The Correct Answer:

C. The first stage of the change process should be defining and promoting the change.


Facilitating a change is one of the main components of achieving an organization’s vision. A leader and team members should learn about the components of the change processes while communicating the changes among the team members.

This process also includes identifying the strategies to facilitate the changes to provide better results or outcomes.

Facilitating changes generally includes defining and promoting the difference in the organization. Every member should understand this change for better implementation of these strategies in the working environment. The stages of facilitating the changes are listed down below:

  • Defining as well as promoting the differences among team members.
  • Planning the change and implementing it.
  • Maintaining the change
  • People engagement plays a vital role in facilitating the change.

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