People with political savvy make decisions that:

Possible Answers:

  1. Primarily further their own interests
  2. Balance self-interest and organizational interest
  3. Are designed to demonstrate their organizational clout
  4. Don’t expose their true position on controversial ideas

The Correct Answer:

B. Political savvy people make decisions that balance self-interest and organizational interest.


Political savvy can be defined as the ability of an individual to know their citizens. It is one of the most critical leadership skills that can result in positive results when implemented in a better way. Sometimes the influencing skills are not good, but understanding someone’s point of view can make a difference.

The interest grid of political savvy consists of 4 quadrants, representing the corporate interest and self-interest at a low and high level. When a person decides how to balance the interest of the organization and themselves, they are called political or functional savvy. 

Using this quality to influence the people or the organization positively can result in great results or bring department visibility, resources, stature, etc. Misusing these political skills can result in severe consequences, which can also impact the organization’s main objective. 

The alliance mindset, being an ally, and understanding your partners are the three most important building blocks that can help a person to strengthen political skills.


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