Effective delegation involves:

Possible Answers:

  1. Identifying the appropriate person for the task
  2. Guaranteeing all employees have a chance to do the same task
  3. Ensuring all tasks are equally distributed
  4. Determining that all credit goes to the team leader

The Correct Answer:

A. Effective delegation involves identifying the appropriate person for the task.


Influential leaders are the critical component of making the mission successful. These leaders had a huge responsibility of maintaining the team members and handling the other resources required in the mission.

An effective leader should try to identify a credible team member who can accomplish a particular task and provide positive outcomes.

Delegation is vital in providing opportunities to build leadership skills. Influential leaders should distribute the workload among the team members.

These leaders are highly responsible for motivating the team members to get positive results and develop essential skills. Effective delegation involves the following factors:

  • Identification of appropriate individuals to accomplish a particular task.
  • Indicate to the person the desired outcomes and inform them about the risk involved in doing the task.
  • The leader should focus on innovation and motivating the team members by ensuring that everyone involved in the process can complete the task correctly.
  • Maintaining the appropriate contact as well as accelerating the growth process.
  • An effective leader acknowledges the success and gives credit to the particular employee or team member.

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