Being an ally involves reciprocity which means:

Possible Answers:

  1. Creating a web of goodwill that will be there when you need it
  2. Getting back at someone when they breach your trust
  3. Trading favors
  4. Making deals behind the scenes

The Correct Answer:

C. Being an ally involves reciprocity, which means: Trading favors.


“Being an ally” is one of the most critical building blocks, i.e., responsible for helping a person to strengthen their political skills. It means involving the principle of reciprocity. Understanding the alliance’s mindset and understanding the allies is very important in one’s political career.

The most superficial meaning of these words is to realize that one has to be a friend to others while working in the organization. Helping the other individual is the best way possible to help the organization as well well as helping yourself.

Friendship is the key, which one will always need as an act of support and kindness. This will help an individual to be a very powerful part of the organization, which directly means creating a goodwill web for themselves.


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