An organization must have all of the following except ____________

Possible Answers:

  1. Structure
  2. Many employees
  3. A group of people
  4. Compatible goals

The Correct Answer:

B. An organization must have all of the following except many employees


The design of organizations plays a vital role in maintaining or running the mission smoothly and successfully. The national incident management system enables efficient and effective incident management.

The system coordinates with team members, providing a standardized incident management structure, which all individuals follow around the country. The national incident management system consists of 3 different organizational forms: a multi-agency coordination system, public information, and an incident command system.

The incident command system helps an organization match the complexity and demands of the resources required in the incident area. This organizational structure helps to determine which team will be responsible for what activity so that different members or groups would act to achieve a single objective or mission.

The mission’s goals are compatible, and different groups are involved in managing the incident area. Teams are responsible for activities that accelerate the growth of an organization.

 Many employees in the organization are not an essential factor if they are not appropriately arranged. If they are correctly set in different groups, and an individual knows about their work, it will lead to better results.

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