All of the following are leadership qualities, except:

Possible Answers:

  1. Visionary
  2. Innovative
  3. Promotes change
  4. Structured

The Correct Answer:

D. All of the following are leadership qualities, except structured


The literature of organizational development, have different definitions of defining a leadership and their qualities. Many people believe that it is a combination of management and influence of an individual in a group. There have been plenty of theories which defines the leadership qualities or talks about the role of a leader. some of these theories are listed down below:

  • Visionary leader
  • Situational leader
  • Total leader
  • Traits leader
  • Great man theory
  • Group man theory
  • Servant leader
  • Principle centered leader 
  • Democratic leader

Every leadership theory defines the qualities of leaders in a different way, but they have several common qualities like nurturing, visionary, innovative, and promoting the changes to enhance the outcomes of a mission.

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