A likely outcome of increased self-knowledge is:

Possible Answers:

  1. Vulnerability to self-doubt
  2. A greater understanding of your intentions by those you lead
  3. Ability to compensate for your weaknesses
  4. Greater dependence on external sources of power

The Correct Answer:

C. A likely outcome of increased self-knowledge is the ability to compensate for your weaknesses


Self-knowledge is the first step to developing leadership skills. It can be the awareness of one’s weaknesses, strengths, biases, preferences, and internal feelings. The people or leaders having increased self-knowledge help them in many ways. The most influential and effective leaders look inside themselves to know their worth.

They have control over themselves, an abundance of self-confidence, and self-understanding, which makes them unique. A few factors in which self-knowledge plays an important role in a leader’s life are listed down below:

  • Understanding the other’s perspective.
  •  Understanding as well as managing the reaction towards other people
  • Appreciating the other’s preferences and point of view
  • Leverage the strength
  •  Earning trust
  • Strengthening as well as compensating for the weaknesses
  • Being aware of how they can impact the others (can be negatively or positively)
  • Having self-confidence


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