A leadership communication approach is ______.

Possible Answers:

  1. Psychological approach
  2. Situational approach
  3. Behavioral approach
  4. All of the above

The Correct Answer:

D. A leadership communication approach is a psychological, situational, and behavioral approach.


Influential leaders are the most important person in an organization. They are responsible for building a team environment which helps in easy activities and better communication among the team members. The work of different teams relies on each other to produce better results or outcomes to achieve the organization’s objectives or goals.

An effective leader is someone who encourages better communication between team members and encourages them to be a part of the team’s activities. 

Leadership communication generally refers to the communication that a leader uses while talking to their employees to make them understand the situation.

An effective leader would communicate correctly by using the correct words and tones. The approach to leadership communication is listed down below:

  • Psychological approach
  • Situational approach
  • Behavioral approach

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