FEMA IS-240.B: Leadership and Influence – Test Question and Answers

The FEMA stands for the “Federal Emergency Management System.” This management agency is responsible for preparing professionals to support the population/citizen during an emergency or hazard.

The management agency’s primary function is to recover, respond, protect, and mitigate threats. The organization has divided the course into specific modules, which can be attended online.

List of Common FEMA IS-240.B Questions:

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  1. Delegating and mentoring are examples of
  2. The first stage of the change process should be
  3. Which of the following would be an effective approach for encouraging authentic feedback?
  4. When defining an effective leader all of the following except
  5. The ability to ________________ is a key leadership competency.
  6. All of the following are common organizational strategies except __________
  7. Effective delegation involves
  8. Which of the following is not a factor that favors effective team behavior
  9. All of the following are leadership qualities, except:
  10. An organization must have all of the following except _____________.
  11. _____ leadership is about creating better interpersonal processes for finding solutions.
  12. The _____ approach is the most appropriate when users have the power to resist the proposed change.
  13. A leadership communication approach is ______.
  14. People with political savvy make decisions that:
  15. Being an ally involves reciprocity which means
  16. When discussing and generating ideas with team members, you should:
  17. Fostering a leadership environment involves all of the following EXCEPT
  18. A likely outcome of increased self-knowledge is:
  19. People are more likely to “buy in” to an organization’s strategy if:
  20. Which of the following is a characteristic of the leader paradigm?
  21. A lack of self-confidence in a manager can lead to all of the following except

What is the Objective of the Course?

The course aims to improve an individual’s influencing and leadership skills, and to do so, all the courses are correctly sectioned on the website.

The course material is exclusively available on the FEMA website and is provided by the American Government Information system. The main objective of the courses are listed down below:

  • Explaining the meaning of leadership in an emergency professional
  •  How effective leadership can begin with personal insight and the development
  • How can an individual identify dare leadership capabilities
  • Describes how the trust can be rebuilt in the organization
  • Describing the process of planning, communicating as well as implementing the changes
  • Developing the strategies to create a positive work environment for continuous improvement and to foster the leadership

The length of the courses is about 3 hours, and it can be attended online by just downloading the course materials on the desktop or any other device.

It is an entry-level course designed for people who want to participate in the Emergency Management system actively and its fundamentals.

Before going through the courses, an individual course highlights the overview and the objective to make the process much easier and more feasible for the student.

The materials can be easily downloaded from the website, and a student can go through them in the comfort of their home. The different courses cover different topics; at the end, a student can register for the final exam.

How is the Exam Conducted?

The authority also conducts the exam from time to time, where students can simply register themself on the website using a “student identification number.” The test is conducted in English or Spanish; it generally depends on the settings of students’ phones.

The main benefit of taking these exams is that it increases awareness and understanding of Emergency Management.

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