Which of the following statements is true regarding security incidents?

Possible Answers:

  1. Security incidents cannot occur when security measures such as firewalls, properly configured VPNs, and secure network procedures are in place.
  2. Security incidents can arise from several sources, including human error or mistakes
  3. Deliberate actions that cause loss or harm to the organization are not considered security incidents
  4. Over time, security-related incidents have become more prevalent and more disruptive

The Correct Answer:

D. Over time, security-related incidents have become more prevalent, and more it disturbs is true regarding security incidence.


The Federal emergency management agency is responsible for maintaining the security of The People during any event or disaster. To do so, they have a different committee, like the secretary of Homeland security, ICS, etc. The whole department has been named as a department of Homeland security, which gives its services during a major disaster in coordination with natural disaster agencies. Although in other situations, the federal emergency management agency does not coordinate with the department of homeland security during any emergency or crisis, they have to do so. The federal departments are responsible for assisting different departments in helping the peoples, tribes, and local jurisdictions to be better at their jobs and accomplish the mission of saving the life of people.

 Security has always been among the top security agencies’ priorities and the strangest concerns throughout the year. To maintain security, it is essential to examine the security measures like VPNs, securing the network procedures, chances of a natural disaster, firewalls, etc. Security can arise from several sources, but every department has to work in a very coordinated way to maintain security. Any human error can lead to a significant incident that can result in loss of life. Any delivery actions that can also cause harm to the organization are always considered security incidents. According to several reports, security-related incidents have become more prevalent and destructive due to human errors. It has become imperative to maintain and examine them properly and periodically. The federal emergency management agencies, combined with other Agencies all around the country, are continuously focusing on enhancing security measures and saving the life of people in the best way possible whenever required.

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