Which of the following statement is incorrect about the mission?

Possible Answers:

  1. The mission statement provides the concept around which the firm can rally
  2. The mission statement provides boundaries and focuses for organizations
  3. Each functional area within the firm may develop its ​ strategy but not its supporting mission
  4. The mission states the rationale for the​ organization’s existence

The Correct Answer:

C. Each functional area within the firm may develop its strategy. Still, not its supporting mission is a false statement about the mission.


The federal emergency management agency is an organization responsible for helping the citizens during a disaster situation. Several governments and private and non-private organizations are involved in activities to save people’s lives and their properties.

The organization’s primary mission is to coordinate for prevention, mitigation, response, recovery, and protection of the people. These missions are also known as the National Preparedness goal. It recognizes every organization to contribute during disaster situations to prevent the lives of people. The organization has laid out a set of guidance processors and programs. It not only helps the organizations to work in a coordinated manner but also helps to know their rights and how they can protect themselves.

The national incident management system is a proactive approach to guide all the agencies and departments at different levels. It helps to work correctly without committing any mistakes. Every organization has a manager who is responsible for getting in contact with the team members as well as the other organizations. They can work in a coordinated manner in doing so. The primary purpose is to use a general approach to manage the incidence,  and that is why all organizations work to a set standard. All functional agencies, multiple jurisdictions, and different levels of the organizations are responsible for working in a very disciplined manner. It maintains efficient coordination to prevent people’s lives during potential threats and hazards like natural hazards or any man-made disasters.

Emergency management actions are divided into three parts: pre-incident, incident, and post-incident. It is divided to retrieve people’s health and lives. The mission statement of any organization provides the concept around which a firm can work. They’re also responsible for providing the boundaries and focussing on the organization’s work and the rationale for its existence. Different organizations work together to achieve a single mission. So each functional area within the form develops its strategy as a false statement.

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