Which of the following is not a recommended characteristic for incident objectives?

Possible Answers:

  1. Includes a standard and timeframe
  2. Measurable and attainable
  3. Stated in broad terms to allow for flexibility
  4. In accordance with the Incident Commander’s authorities

The Correct Answer:

“Stated in broad terms to allow for flexibility” is a not recommended characteristic for the incident objective is stated in broad terms to allow for flexibility.


The incident commander generally sets incident objectives. These objectives are responsible for describing the strategy that is being followed in the incident area, and generally include the command priorities, safety considerations, and the control object tips. This is emphasized in the statement: “Specific and state what’s to be accomplished, Measurable and include a standard and timeframe, Attainable and reasonable” from the FEMA training material.

The incident objectives are briefly presented in a meeting, which involves all the persons working together in order to achieve the main goal or aim of the operation. For achieving the plan, the incident objectives should have the following factors:

  • A clear statement or specific statement that tells the operation’s goal or objective.
  • It should include as well as measure the time frame and standard
  • Reasonable and attainable
  • The objectives should be according to incident commanders’ authorities.
  •  Evaluating the effectiveness of tactics and strategies

Flexibility generally allows in searching the ways or methods to “achieve the goals.” Introducing flexibility as an incident objective can create confusion among the team members, resulting in miscommunication and confusion.


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