When an incident expands _______________________________

Possible Answers:

  1. Only the functions and positions necessary are filled.
  2. All Command and General Staff functions are filled and the entire list of elements within each Section.
  3. Functions and positions remain the same throughout the incident regardless of expansion.
  4. All functions of the Command and General Staff must be filled.

The Correct Answer:

1. When an incident expands only the functions and positions necessary are filled.


The organizational structure or incident expands when the complexity of an incident increases. According to the demands of the incident, the number of support positions, supervisors, and management increases. The responsibility of leadership is further divided systematically.

There are no specific hard and fast rules whenever an incident expands. But certain factors are needed to be remembered:

  • The functions and the positions are filled that is necessary to achieve the incident objectives/goals.
  • Every activated element should consist of a person who will be in charge of everything.
  • Maintenance of effective span of control


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