With regard to the defining characteristics of a team, all of the following are true except:

Possible Answers:

  1. Teams are bounded and stable over a period of time
  2. Team members are interdependent regarding the achievement of a goal
  3. Team members do not have the authority to manage their work and internal processes
  4. Teams exist to achieve a shared goal

The Correct Answer:

C. Team members do not have the authority to manage their work, and internal processes are the correct defining characteristics of a team.


A team can be defined as a collection of people or a group of people that work in collaboration to accomplish a particular task or a particular objective.

Working as a team is a  collective performance of the people present in a team working together to achieve a specific goal.

 There is a different definition of the team depending on the situation, but   they all have typical characteristics to achieve the goal:

  • Purpose and goals
  • Action plans
  • Decision making
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Ideal size and membership Information sharing
  • Meeting skills and practices
  • Ground rules
  • Participation
  • Leadership
  • Communication relationships
  • Effective processes

Any successful team works together as their primary objective is to know their roles and responsibilities for smooth functioning. The team should always have proper communication to avoid confusion among team members.

The team members are independent regarding achieving goals, but these small goals create a big difference in achieving the main objective.

If a team member has been given a responsibility and doesn’t know how to work, it will cause havoc among the team members, and there will be a hurdle to achieving the common goal. All the team members’ responsibilities are interconnected, which is why running everything smoothly and correctly is essential.

The team members should also have the clarity to manage their own work and internal processes for smooth functioning,  as the outcome is always interconnected to each other, and that is why it becomes much more essential to accomplish their tasks before moving further. Team members do not have the authority to manage their work, and internal process is not a true team characteristic.

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