Which of the following statements about diversity in the workplace is most accurate?

Possible Answers:

  1. Teams with diverse memberships are more likely to create the products that consumers demand
  2. The number of older workers is decreasing
  3. More men pursue higher education than women
  4. A diverse staff is less able to respond to changes in the customer base in local and world markets

The Correct Answer:

A. Teams with diverse memberships are more likely to create the products that consumers demand.


Diversity can be defined as human differences, which are not limited to sexual orientation, social class, physical ability or attributes, ethical values,  political belief,  National origin, religion, gender identity, and gender.

Diversity in any organization or workplace simply means when the employees in the workforce of a single organization belong to different ethnic groups or have different cultural values. The differences among the employees have always helped the organization to achieve its goal in a much more efficient and effective way.

The management agency, like the Federal emergency management agency, generally has the highest number of individuals belonging to different religious or cultural differences because of the large populations they have to deal with within the country.

This not only helped them to understand the language but also helped in understanding the different cultures all around the country.  A diverse workplace help in breaking several barriers in society.

Workplace diversity has always played a vital role because it provides a breadth of the required organizational abilities and skills. Workplace diversity helps an organization achieve its mission by providing horizons by giving new opportunities to learn from each other.

It also helps to promote understanding among the people who create a stronger bond and are much more focused. The diverse team members are much more likely to develop the products that consumers demand is the best statement about diversity in the workplace.

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