Which of the following does not apply to Diversity matters?

Possible Answers:

  1. Race
  2. Sexual Orientation
  3. Gender
  4. Hair Color

The Correct Answer:

D. Hair color does not apply to diversity matters.


 Diversity can be defined as a variety of characteristics responsible for making an individual or a person unique from others. These characteristics generally involve valuing, accepting, understanding, and acknowledging the multiple cultures that the people within a particular country follow.

These various cultures teach different cultural values, beliefs, traditions,  and languages, which is why understanding them is essential.  This can sometimes result in significant problems during an emergency or natural disaster situation if the organization’s workers belong to the same ethnic background.

Overcoming this issue, the federal emergency management agency has always tried to hire people belonging to different ethnic backgrounds or cultural backgrounds so that it can help during an emergency or any hazardous situation.

The diversity can be due to sexual orientation, gender, or race. Still, it does not occur due to the hair color. The natural color of an individual does not have any prominent role in culture or diversity, but they are directly linked to the genetic factors of one’s parent.

The federal emergency management agency always tries to cultivate a culture responsible for connecting employees to the organization and encouraging flexibility and collaboration among their employees.

They use different ways to motivate their employees to learn from each other and contribute and participate in activities to achieve a single goal.  These employment rules in the organization have always helped to identify the people’s culture and remove the barriers by hiring minority populations, mainly those suffering from any disability, women, and veterans.

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