If you make a cultural communication misstep, the best thing to do is to:

Possible Answers:

  1. Apologize and express a willingness to learn
  2. Avoid causing more harm by pretending that nothing happened
  3. Explain the policy that justifies your actions
  4. File a report to document the incident

The Correct Answer:

A. If you misstep cultural communication, the best thing to do is apologize and express a willingness to learn.


Diversity can be defined as acknowledging, accepting, standing, celebrating, and evaluating the different characteristics that make an individual unique. The federal emergency management Agency’s main aim is to employ people from different ethnic backgrounds and does not discriminate among the employees.

A diverse workforce helps stabilize a solid relationship and helps understand and educate people about different cultural groups and their uniqueness to others. It enables the organization to expand the serving population because the diverse workforce lifts the cultural and language barrier.

It helps them to communicate with people during emergencies and understand them properly.

Different cultures in a particular workforce also mean that they will be misunderstandings among the people. Sometimes verbal and nonverbal communication can not go well with other religious and cultural sentiments, which is why it becomes essential to understand each other culture. It is the responsibility of an individual to avoid any kind of miscommunication,  which is very common due to cultural differences.

This miscommunication can increase frustration and tension in the workplace; it will perpetuate stereotypes, impact disaster survivors’ mental health, reduce productivity, cause a decline in job satisfaction,  and impact the ability of an individual to serve their customers.

Whenever any miscommunication or cultural communication occurs, it is essential not to avoid or pretend that nothing has happened. It is useless to explain what justifies your actions when you know you did something wrong.

It is also wholly meaningless to file a report or document because it can be easily solved among people by apologizing and expressing the willingness to learn about the culture.

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