Diversity is:

Possible Answers:

  1. Part of the mandatory quotas required by the Civil Rights Act
  2. Primarily the responsibility of specialists working in human resources and equal employment opportunities
  3. About being inclusive of individual differences, such as communication styles
  4. Related to race and ethnicity rather than internal aspects such as work experiences

The Correct Answer:

C. Diversity is about being inclusive of individual differences, such as communication styles.


Diversity can be defined as the value of celebrating, accepting, understanding, and acknowledging the different characteristics of an individual that make him or her unique from others.

All people in this world follow various cultural and religious aspects, and these practices can easily be seen in every Nation. That is why the Agencies always try to hire people from different ethnic groups. This not only helps in a better understanding of the cultures in the workplace but also helps in serving a substantial population.

 The federal emergency management system is also responsible for providing training programs to its employees to emphasize the importance of diversity in the workplace because it has the potential to serve a large number of people in society.

The equal employment opportunity and affirmative employment act are responsible for providing the opportunity for an individual to work in an organization and ensuring that they are not being discriminated against on the basis of their culture taken, religion, genetic information, disability, National origin, sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identity.

Understanding Diversity is the primary responsibility of the specialist working in human resources and equal employment opportunities. Diversity is related to ethnicity and race, but it also includes work experience.

It is also about being inclusive of individual differences like communication styles and knowing more about someone’s culture and language. It helps to build a solid bond in society but also helps to clear out the miscommunication and the information shared by several groups to cause havoc in the community.

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Diversity is generally defined as acknowledging, understanding, accepting, valuing, and celebrating the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique.

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