An appreciation of diversity helps build relationships that foster __________based preparedness

Possible Answers:

  1. Individual
  2. Financial
  3. Community
  4. Personality

The Correct Answer:

C. An appreciation of diversity helps build relationships that foster community-based preparedness.


The federal emergency management agency (FEMA) works on a specific mission of helping people during a disaster. The work of this association or agency is not limited to only in an emergency. Still, it also helps the individuals on how to react during emergencies and assists people in recovering from the disaster they have faced.

The main objective of the workforce is to help the people, but the different cultures and religions around the country make the mission much more complex and vital. Due to this, the agency needs to have a diverse workforce because it helps broaden the opportunities and boundaries.

The diverse workforce helps in learning with each other by considering everyone’s point of view, bringing several experiences to solve a particular issue,  providing the additional knowledge and skills that help to accomplish the mission,  and also help in career growth.

The central appreciation of diversity is that it helps in planning and responding to a massive population group.

It also helps in fostering community-based preparedness. Thus it does not restrict the workforce from helping people from different cultures. The knowledge gives them the idea to interact with other people in different situations.

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Section 508 only effects employees who work with technology and procurement, not employees such as meeting coordinators, content authors, or professional disaster response employees.

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