User Pays policies are intended to:

Possible Answers:

  1. Offset the costs of public services at special events.
  2. Cover overtime costs for event staff employed by the promoter or sponsor.
  3. Discourage the promoters from making excessive profits.
  4. Transfer the costs of the event to the public safety agencies.

The Correct Answer:

A. User Pays policies are intended to offset public services’ costs at special events.


According to the report, most public sectors have adopted the “user Pays policy.” This policy is generally meant for the event organizers for their entertainment or Sporting events services. In the short term, especially for that event with a high possibility of a massive gathering of people.

The policy’s primary purpose is to improve the allocation process and provide sufficient resources in the community. It charges for the services before the actual event so the organizers can provide better services, and they can only stick to the plan with a supply of funds.

The event promoters are also requested to consult their state or local authorities to determine the charges and fee structures according to their services. They will also be required to make a bond or provide liability insurance to cover all the costs of emergencies, crowd control, traffic control, venue clean up, and other possible functions. This will also help them avoid indulging in legal terms with state or local authorities departments.

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