The Public Information Officer, the Safety Officer, and the Liaison Officer are all part of the:

Possible Answers:

  1. Operations Section.
  2. Logistics Section.
  3. Command Staff.
  4. General Staff.

The Correct Answer:

C. The Public Information Officer, the Safety Officer, and the Liaison Officer are all part of the Command system.


Several Agencies are involved in organizing a special event because it is a multi-jurisdictional act. The departments that work together in an incident command system are the finance or administration section, Logistic section, operations section, planning section, and command section.

The command system consists of several important officers like safety officers, Liaison officers, Information officers, etc.   All the departments are responsible for handling their job in completing them appropriately to maintain smooth functioning. Every incident is assigned a command staff and a general staff to maintain smooth functioning and work together to achieve the incident objectively.

The command staff members are also responsible for communicating with the media person about the Agencies so that they can communicate to the general public about the incident and update them.

The Liaison Officer is responsible for assisting the Agencies, cooperating with them,  and maintaining smooth communication and interaction between the agencies involved in the incident. The safety officer is responsible for assessing the safety hazards and unsafe situations and monitoring every activity to ensure personal safety.

Furthermore, they are also responsible for promoting public health and giving the appropriate instructions to maintain the safety of individuals involved in the management.

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