Planners should assign _ to events that are expected to draw very large crowds and impact mobility throughout the community.

Possible Answers:

  1. A motorcycle squad
  2. A traffic management group
  3. Public transportation
  4. Volunteer traffic controllers

The Correct Answer:

C. Planners should assign Public transportation to events that are expected to draw very large crowds and impact mobility throughout the community.


It becomes essential to facilitate transportation whenever an event is in a public area or an outdoor event is being organized. Facilitation must be done by keeping the traffic in mind. The traffic can be due to the people or the participants involved in the event, or the event’s location can also play a vital role in transportation and traffic situations.

The organizers should consider the traffic and all the factors and plan the command and control of such a situation. Furthermore,  the organizers will require written permission from the state or the local authorities if the area is very prone to traffic. The surrounding communities living near the venue should also be informed and aware of the event to facilitate their transportation correctly if they want to go somewhere.

Blocking a  highway or any public area for an event can result in negative impressions, which is why the scope and size of any event can create massive destruction among people. The residents of that particular area should be advised in advance by the public transportation authorities and the promoter or organizer. 

The secondary hazard that may also play a significant role during the hazard analysis are tornadoes, power failure, etc. Hazard analysis is the responsibility of the event planners to maintain efficient functioning and accomplish the event.

A group that would help manage the traffic and facilitate transportation in such an area should be hired,  especially if it is a public area and have the possibility of massive peoples gathering for an event or having the same route.

Public transportation is the best factor for the organizers to provide a smooth drop off and pick up facility. The organizers should ensure that the streets are clear of traffic. This can be done for the participants so unnecessary traffic can be ignored or prevented.

The planners are also responsible for coordinating with Public Work personnel and law enforcement agencies for their assistance in closing the street or lanes and facilitating only public vehicles.

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