At its initial meeting, the planning team should:

Possible Answers:

  1. Determine where the Incident Command Post will be located.
  2. Determine whether the event will require that a curfew be imposed.
  3. Determine the necessary components of the public safety plan.
  4. Determine how many resources will be required to respond to incidents related to the event.

The Correct Answer:

C. At its initial meeting, the planning team should determine the necessary components of the public safety plan.


Planning an event with a considerable possibility of mass gatherings can be difficult if the team is not managed correctly. Furthermore, you need to have the necessary information about the event. If not, it can also create great havoc among the team members and the participants.

One of the first tasks that should be accomplished is to decide which team is responsible for ensuring public safety in a community. Planning is a multidisciplinary approach, and the people should be divided into groups to maintain every task’s smooth and easy functioning. The below-listed factors should play a vital role in the pre-planning stage:

  • Emergency management
  • Law enforcement
  • Public working utilities
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Public health emergencies

The above-listed factors should be identified in the pre-planning stage because this impacts the participants and the people living nearby the venue. The event planners should know about the incident command system and how to manage the methods appropriately.

Agencies must work together to accomplish the event’s goal,  and it should focus on every element. Every jurisdiction stream will have something different to contribute to planning the process or event. No matter at what stage the occasion is, public health should be the top priority of the sponsors and the people getting involved in the event.

The nearby communities should not be affected by these events,  and the sponsor should maintain and work together to ensure public safety from accidental hazards.

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When assessing food safety measures at a special event, the planning team should consider the vendor’s compliance with appropriate State and local regulations related to food preparation, handling, distribution, and storing of food.

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