A special events hazard analysis should include an analysis of:

Possible Answers:

  1. Special and unique hazards inherent in the event.
  2. Police staffing that is typical on that day of the week.
  3. Resources available through the State.
  4. Mutual aid agreements that are in place.

The Correct Answer:

A. A special events hazard analysis should include an analysis of Special and unique hazards inherent in the event.


Hazard analysis provides an appropriate plan using all the information they have collected. It also helps them to recognize the potential consequences that may occur in the future. All the possible risks are listed that may be responsible for the hazard.

The best possible way to know about the potential risk is when people from different communities come together and list all the noticeable factors, like technological or geographical features, patterns, etc., to figure out what can be the potential causes and factors. Characteristics that must be identified to analyze the hazard and possible hazards in the future are listed down below:

  • The frequency of occurrence ( the predictable and historical)
  • Intensity and magnitude ( this will help to analyze the severity of the incident)
  • The location of the hazard, as well as the associated features
  • Spatial extent ( this will help to explore the geographical area as well as the expected or estimated risk that may impact a large no. of people)
  • The length of the hazard and the time it can be expected
  • The speed, as well as the availability of the warning
  • The seasonal pattern

The potential consequences of the hazard are death, displacement,  and injuries to people. The repair time, the cost required, and the days of service loss are also essential. Destruction in the community functions and the damages that has been occurred to a property.

The loss of revenue and the negative image of the jurisdiction play a vital role,  so they must be included in the potential consequences. Furthermore,  the potential secondary hazards are the chemical processing of plants, etc. The hazard analysis also plays a vital role in examining the community and performing a hazard analysis.

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