_ is the main factor in determining stage configuration.

Possible Answers:

  1. The necessity to erect temporary platforms
  2. Whether temporary seating will be used
  3. Expected crowd behavior
  4. Whether the venue has a temporary or permanent stage

The Correct Answer:

C. Expected crowd behavior is the main factor in determining stage configuration.


Structural matters are one of the most important aspects while planning for an event,  which has a high expectancy of many people gathering for the event.  All the organizers are responsible for considering the participants’ safety in the indoor and outdoor events.

Several primary concerns are vital in structural matters like stages, platforms, and other performance facilities. Whenever the event stage of the platform is set up,  the safety concern is one of the most crucial elements to ensure public health.

The type of event and the equipment required for the performance should be inspected thoroughly to prevent injuries to the participants. The crowd expected behavior is one of the principal factors determining the stage’s configuration. The Ballet performance and the classical music attracts a lot of audiences, especially teenagers,  that have the high possibility of resulting in massive gatherings in the event, causing injuries to several peoples, etc.

The majority of the time,  the event managers have to understand the physical and emotional character of the audience and should control the crowd accordingly. The first-take personnel should be present in the venue to treat minor injuries.

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