Which of the following is NOT accounted for in community damage assessment?

Possible Answers:

  1. Damages to a community’s infrastructure
  2. Number of animals killed or injured
  3. Damages to structures
  4. Personal items such as photographs

The Correct Answer:

D. The following is NOT accounted for in community damage assessment Personal items such as photographs.


Whenever an incident occurs in any country, the community emergency operation plan is the first organization responsible for reacting, planning, and operating. The emergency operation Center can be activated to counter the same hazards or natural disaster situations.

Apart from these, the tribal of state emergency management officers are also notified to initiate the functioning and take the appropriate steps. The damage assessment generally includes the number of people having a high possibility of being killed or injured ( generally specified by the area).

Furthermore, the damage assessment should also include information related to any damage to infrastructure and services for any other kind of structure that may be of great use to perform the rescue mission.

Apart from planning for human survival, animals also have a right to live, which is why the government and organizations also perform animal rescue missions. To do the same, a certain amount of factors must be considered. For example, the number of animals that may have suffered ( injured or killed) and the number of animals that may require caging or fencing because of their excessive aggressive behavior.

Another essential aspect is that most animal owners and The People working in the animal Industries leave their animals behind in natural disasters and save their own life. To tackle this problem,  the organizations contact the animal owners so that they can initiate the rescue mission. In addition, government organizations also have information related to the business, like animal Shelters, grooming facilities, farms,  boarding, and veterinary practices in advance. With the help of this information, rescue missions are initiated.

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